Monday, 14 August 2017


This is my inspire design.

All you need is wall paint, masking tape & CREATIVITY. (or EFFORT)
Just design your desire pattern with masking tape, paint your wall. Wait until the paint were fully dry and then remove the tape. GOOD LUCK! Oh and don't forget to share me yours.

P/S: If you don't recognize masking tape. I got this picture from google image. 


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Review: Electric Single Breast Pump (Real Bubee) Price below RM70

Assalamualaikum. Hai my lovely readers!

I'm in the process of Re-lactation so, I have to buy breast pump. Ciri-ciri breast pump yang di cari, of course murah tetapi berfungsi dengan baik dan sesuai dengan diri ini.

I found this saller yang jual breast pump dengan harga paling murah pernah saya temui, RM72. Wow!! Do you believe it. I know, sukar untuk dipercayai even my self. Risau juga sebenarnya, kalau-kalau saller itu tipu or product ini jenis 'cap ayam'. Then after a lots of consideration dan kebetulan perlukan breast pump urgently, I've decided to give it a try. I purchased it with a price of RM81.16 including shipping charge (RM7) and payments transaction fee (RM2.16). Well, first of all the saller didn't cheat, because I receive the product a day after I made payment. Very excited, open and used it just after I receive it. So this is the review:

Penghantaran. Memuaskan. The saller use skynet. And the parcel were packed in a box. So no worries if the item will broke.

The product were seal in the plastic and no damage identify, so no doubt, the product were new. The parts were include:~

1. Pump motor
2. Tube
3. Connector
4. Milk collection bottle
5. Bottle cap include teat
6. Inner valve
7. Breast shield
8. Usb untuk connection motor pump ke power bank.
9. I don't know what is it. I think its something we put on breast but not sure for what  (the purple in the picture) correct me if I'm wrong. Its breast masseger lah. Hihi
10. Stickers, to stick on the motor. Thats why the motor have eyes. Hihi

Brand: Real Bubee
Made from: China (I guess because all the instructions were in Chinese language)
The disadvantage. Not include power bank. No breast massage. None famous brand. 

My personal experience. I'm using it for almost two weeks now and for me its a great product. Berbaloi dengan harganya. Berfungsi dengan baik sekali. Walaupun at first, I feel a bit hurt when pump, but now I get used to it. I've notice that there were 8 stage of suction. (Always use the 7th and 8th stage)  overall, I'm happy with this product. I give 4 stars for this brand. 

So the conclusion is, I'm not saying that 'okay its cheap so you must buy it'. No. I'm just saying it a good product for the price range and maybe its a best product for mommies who can't afford buying famous brand of breast pump. But If you can afford to buy the good brand then why bother you wanna buy the cheap one right. But doesn't mean the product were cheap so does its quality. Its depends on person. Tak kisah lah mahal atau murah yang penting keserasian. Harap post ini membantu.

Friday, 10 February 2012